Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sympathy flowers

Casket Piece
Easle Spray from family.
Bridal Room at the Wasatch County Fair 2010

Simple, elegant dozen rose bouquet with seeded euc.
This bouquet was a stunning design. It had millet, purple artichokes, hypericum, poppy pods, dahlias, roses, and coxcomb celosia all wrapped with pewter satin ribbon.
The arrangement in the back was a centerpiece idea that I have had for a few months, I love the Jamestory Orchids!
A close up of the bouquet. It shows all the great elements of the bouquet.
A close up of the tall centerpiece, the pictures do not do it justice.

Random Beauty...

Who doesn't like a little splash of yellow I ask you!!
These lilies are my favortie variety so far, they have such an amazing color pattern.
Sarah Stenzel and Ty Davis