Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five Penny Sympathy Flowers:  It's just a little service we can provide for you in your time of need.  
This Heart-shaped wreath was delivered this morning.  It was designed with yellow enchantment lilies, roses, spray roses, stock, button poms, safari sunset and solid ago.  
The above and two below were designed for a father that passed away a couple months ago, and I am just now getting them online for you.  I loves the color palette that this family picked out, very masculine and earthly.  I used grasses, willow, cedar and anything that was outdoorsy.  
This was the easel piece from the widow, she wanted it to match the casket spray.  I designed it with red and yellow two tone roses, yellow and green poms, burnt orange lilies, solid ago, cedar, willow and seeded euc., one of my favorite, but the picture doesn't do it justice.
This was a close up of the casket spray.  Right until I opened our current location I was working out of my Dads garage, which was oh so much fun.  That is why I tried to cut out as much of the background as possible.  

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