Monday, March 15, 2010

Designs from Five Penny Floral - March 15, 2010
The company that takes care of the grounds here at Five Penny came and mowed the grass today, calling it grass this early is a stretch, but it made my day because we are that much closer to Spring!!
I am in love with these orchids, I love the bright purple color that they add to every arrangement.  Also the container, which is hidden for the most part, is a great ceramic one that Five Penny Floral carries.  
I said I love these orchids and here they are again.  I love this little arrangement with the orchids, orange lilies, yellow buttons and the horsetail, it gives it a kind of Oriental feel.  The colors are bright and cheerful.
I am really liking these glass vases, they are very versatile with designs.  I love the combination of Orange and Red together with these tulips and lilies.  The arrangement pops with the blue/lavender filler.
Something popular right now it the fresh picked garden look.  I think that people are getting tired of Winter and want Spring to finally stay. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Five Penny Sympathy Flowers:  It's just a little service we can provide for you in your time of need.  
This Heart-shaped wreath was delivered this morning.  It was designed with yellow enchantment lilies, roses, spray roses, stock, button poms, safari sunset and solid ago.  
The above and two below were designed for a father that passed away a couple months ago, and I am just now getting them online for you.  I loves the color palette that this family picked out, very masculine and earthly.  I used grasses, willow, cedar and anything that was outdoorsy.  
This was the easel piece from the widow, she wanted it to match the casket spray.  I designed it with red and yellow two tone roses, yellow and green poms, burnt orange lilies, solid ago, cedar, willow and seeded euc., one of my favorite, but the picture doesn't do it justice.
This was a close up of the casket spray.  Right until I opened our current location I was working out of my Dads garage, which was oh so much fun.  That is why I tried to cut out as much of the background as possible.  

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 - Funeral work Wild Flower Theme

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just a little something to bring some Spring into your day.  It is snowing right now here at Five Penny and I am wishing it was spring already.  But, never the less enjoy todays designs!
Okay, I am guilty, I am slowly falling in love with gerbera daisies.  They are such a cheerful flower, especially when it is sowing outside and Spring just won't come.  It also helps that these daisies are bright yellow with the slightest hint of orange.   
This picture doesn't do the vase justice, but it is a green glass, very natural looking with bubbles in the glass.  I love the shape and form of this arrangement, also the two-tone ribbon is one of my favorites.
I love glads, they are a really great money saving flower because you get almost 12 blooms off each stem and they last for a long time.  I paired them with lavender stick, green fuji spider mums and some unique lavender button poms.  
This arrangement was designed for a dear friend of mine who lost her brother this past weekend.  I knew I couldn't send her something plain and boring, so I too high class to the extreme with large white callas, liatris, seafoam statice, and a new green that I love.  
I love green and white together, I think it is so clean and natural.  I love the white ceramic container that the hydrangea and bells of Ireland are arranged in.  Lily grass adds a touch of modern design, which makes it stellar I think.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010 it's the start if a new month at Five Penny Floral.  Enjoy todays postings!
This was an arrangement that I designed for a funeral of a woman here in Heber Valley,  I like the use of the various spring colored flowers.
This was the heart wreath that the grand-daughter sent to the funeral.  I love doing pieces like this because they are so beautiful.  Also the stock made it smell so good, I love that flower.

Amber and Derek Coulam Wedding, February 27, 2010
I love this bouquet, and so did the Bride!!

I rest my case on this bouquet, stunning if I do say so myself.