Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas 2009:
For those of you who know me, you know I go all out when it comes to holiday decor. This arrangement is something that I came up with Christmas Eve just about three hours before dinner was to be served. It is designed with charolette roses, green mums, silver fir, curly willow and my new favorite design element, silver wire.

This arrangement was the focal point of the table and was the cause for much conversation. Two of my older brothers commented on how "cool" it was, which made me feel like a real designer.

Here is the table setting for our Christmas Eve dinner 2009 complete with the 1990's Arby's glasses. Somethings never change. I really like the silver containers that the end arrangements are in, they are brushed steel and I love to use them, I think they add that extra punch needed to make the flowers pop.

The centerpiece that I mentioned above, here is a close up. I hardly ever use carnations because I really do not like them, but in honor of my mother, who loved them, I always design with them for Christmas. This design includes roses, carnations, mums, wax flower, bear grass, princess pine, silve fir and myrtle. As you can see I used that awesome brushed steal again.

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