Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Megan and Cliff Parkinson Wedding:
I loved this wedding very much. The bride and groom were very classy and so much fun to work with. Megan wanted a garden themed wedding at her parents house with Chinese paper lanterns, candle light and flowers everywhere. In the next few pictures you will see that we accomplished that and then some.

Megan chose pink and yellow for her colors, which made for a great color pallet with deep green foliage. If you look at the centerpieces, some of the vases have been stuffed with fresh lemons to draw more lemon color into the design.

More Funeral Work:

Here is one of two floral wreaths that were created for this funeral. Again you can see the use of sporting memorabilia, which makes it that much more meaningful. I used curly willow offset on both the top and bottom of the wreath to add a more masculine tone.

The children wanted a arrangement of their own for their daddy so we came up with this heart shaped wreath for them. They wanted blues, purples and greens, so this is what the final design looked like.
Funeral Work:
This is a piece that I designed for my sister-in-laws cousins funeral this fall. He was a huge Denver Bronco's fan if you can't tell by the orange gladiolus and blue delphinium, the sunflowers were added for my sister-in-law, she loves them.
Below is the casket piece that I designed for the funeral, notice the use of the helmet and football, along with the flag. It was wonderful designing something that was so original and personal. I was able to do something for this family that they couldn't do for themselves, that is why I love designing.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Erin and Greg Wedding:
Here is Greg's bout from his and Erin's wedding this past August. They were married in a meadow at her Aunt's home in Emigration Canyon surrounded by friends and family. Her colors were Tiffany blue and Chocolate Brown, very classic and modern with a hint of romance. Erin was such a beautifl Bride. More pictures to come.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Erin and Greg McClain Wedding:
This was Erin's bouquet for her incredible August wedding. She wanted something simple and elegant so we designed ten large white calla lilies wrapped simply with a rich chocolate brown satin ribbon. Very simple and very elegant.